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Tri a Positive Mindset.

Like many people, I aspire to stay healthy and be active. And, like many people, I often am the opposite. After a long dark winter of sickness and health issues preventing me from working out, I felt super crumby. Not to mention I also discovered I could not attend a dear friend’s wedding 3,400km away,… Continue reading Tri a Positive Mindset.

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The fear of confrontation over conversation.

I am blessed to have some really great friends. I really am. Many girls struggle to find “real” girlfriends; ones you can talk to in a time of need, ones that don’t judge and understand, ones that really love and support you. My friends would give me the shirt off their back if I asked for… Continue reading The fear of confrontation over conversation.

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The importance of pushing yourself.

Tomorrow marks my third week anniversary of being an apprentice for elephant journal. I enrolled in this 14 week course as a way to improve my writing, editing, and social media skills. As a Communications Coordinator for a school board, I do my fair share of writing and editing, but it has been a desire… Continue reading The importance of pushing yourself.