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Tri a Positive Mindset.

Like many people, I aspire to stay healthy and be active. And, like many people, I often am the opposite. After a long dark winter of sickness and health issues preventing me from working out, I felt super crumby. Not to mention I also discovered I could not attend a dear friend’s wedding 3,400km away,… Continue reading Tri a Positive Mindset.

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The fear of confrontation over conversation.

I am blessed to have some really great friends. I really am. Many girls struggle to find “real” girlfriends; ones you can talk to in a time of need, ones that don’t judge and understand, ones that really love and support you. My friends would give me the shirt off their back if I asked for… Continue reading The fear of confrontation over conversation.

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Gratitude for Growing our own Food.

The combination of pushing myself and positive thinking has resulted in an article of mine being published by elephant journal. For years I have been wanting to write and submit an article to this independent news website but never had the faith in myself needed to do so, or made up excuses as to why… Continue reading Gratitude for Growing our own Food.