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I will not contain my enthusiasm!

SPRING IS HERE! Here is where I might say, “sorry for my enthusiasm,” but today I AM NOT SORRY! It’s March 20 and it’s officially the season of Spring. The snow arrived the day after Halloween here in Central Alberta Canada, and it’s still on the ground as I type (ugh!). BUT, it’s Spring! Glorious,… Continue reading I will not contain my enthusiasm!

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Why you should love yourself without conditions.

Imagine a “perfect” version of yourself. Can you do it? What does your “perfect” entail? Is it a long list of things that you presently are not? Does it encompass anything about your current state of being? Last October I had a case of recurring hives and needed to go on antibiotics and steroids to… Continue reading Why you should love yourself without conditions.

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Tri a Positive Mindset.

Like many people, I aspire to stay healthy and be active. And, like many people, I often am the opposite. After a long dark winter of sickness and health issues preventing me from working out, I felt super crumby. Not to mention I also discovered I could not attend a dear friend’s wedding 3,400km away,… Continue reading Tri a Positive Mindset.