Hello! I’m Meghan. Nice to meet you.

Social Nutmeg is my online voice to speak up about issues, concepts, and ideas that could improve the lives of others in some way, shape, or form. It is immersed in care for the environment, sustainability, positivity, inclusion, and ideas that promote a mindful lifestyle. It means living life for something other than yourself, and it means being thoughtful about your actions. It advocates for positive mental health, nourishing foods and sustainable products. It encourages people to think about vegan-friendly options, even if they are not vegan at the table. It is a place where I can fully be myself and combines all my passions and hobbies.

I shower in gratitude daily as a means of appreciating life. I truly believe that life is more enjoyable when you stop to enjoy the small things it has to offer and to not take any aspect for granted. I hope to help create beneficial change and influence people to consider others in their actions, choosing positive over negative, ethical over unethical.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

1263822_573759119346894_234942086_o.jpgPhoto: Brett Alton Photography


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