About Me

Hi there, I’m Meghan. I am a full time Communications Coordinator for a school board, and a casual blogger on the side. I enjoy learning, growth, and positivity. I enjoy blogging about concepts and changes we could all make to better ourselves and each other.

I’m a lover of nature, healthy living, bright colours, open minds, and simple joy.

1263822_573759119346894_234942086_o.jpgPhoto: Brett Alton Photography

Other fun facts:

  • I’m a creative and energetic person
  • I’ve graduated from both university and college
  • I love to organize and take on new projects
  • I try to lower my carbon footprint as much as possible and frequently purchase local, healthy, natural and green living products
  • I try to positively influence others by living simply and reducing the amount of items I consume
  • I sang on stage with Brian Adams in December 2005
  • Personality: I’m a people person but also enjoy my alone time. It keeps me grounded. Overall I am an open-minded, determined individual with a positive mindset. I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new things. I have been that I can be intimidating, but I’ve also been told I’m full of good energy and joy. With the best of intentions, my actions or thoughts are usually based around what could be helpful to someone or how things could be improved. I am usually very aware of my tone of voice and choose to candy-coat words or be more direct, depending on who I am talking to.  I am a relaxed person, always thinking of how other people feel. Happiness is important to me and I sincerely want everyone to be happy.
  • Interests: Nature, fitness, nutritious foods, recycling (hey, it’s cool!), trying new recipes, empowering others, growing plants and vegetables, hanging out with family/friends and mindful people.
  • Passions: Supporting the local community. Being true to yourself. Protecting the environment. Self-happiness, respect, empathy, equality… and spreading joy! I also love the exclamation mark!
  • Family: I am the middle of three with an older sister and younger brother. I love having siblings and cannot imagine my life without them. My parents divorced when I was 10 or so. My siblings and I were raised by our dad. I am the proud aunt of four nieces and one nephew. Being an aunt changed my life for the best.
  • Animals: I grew up around cats and had my own in my early 20’s (RIP, Prince). I’m allergic now so probably again. I’ve never had a dog but think I would really enjoy having one. I like other animals, especially elephants, sloths, monkeys and crabs. It would be super awesome to have a large aquarium. I find aquatic life to be fascinating.
  • Music: I enjoy a mixture of music including rock/classic rock, alternative, newer country and some dance/pop. Coldplay is by far my favourite band. It’s music for my soul.

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