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June 2019 {monthly mental health reflection}

June, sweet June. Always such a beautiful time of the year, yet always so busy.

I work for school board and June is usually the month that everyone looks forward to. It’s the month people say, “I am so done!” implying they can’t wait for school to end and for summer break to begin. But I work at the head office so I don’t automatically get the summer off. In the past, this has bummed me out. However this year, I chose to use all my vacation time for the summer and this seemed to help me get through June a little better.

You see, June is exhausting. Knowing that I have a chunk of time off in July helped me push through my tasks. And there were many. June is when I begin to plan for September (and beyond) as well as all the components of starting up a new school year.

Planning ahead is a great way to get organized. But this year I felt a lot of confusion. Was it June or October? Was it Tuesday or Thursday? At one point I actually thought to white out the year 2019 since I thought it was 2020. Then I remembered it was January 2019. June! I meant June! Months with J’s, same thing, right?!

It became clear that I would need to schedule times for me to unwind to help balance the busyness of work. Here’s what stuck out about June 2019:


My brain was very active this month, so I made it a priority to get outside as much as possible as a way to relax and recharge. I very much enjoyed planting and tending to some plants on my balcony. I always find that gardening in any way or form helps me to relax.

Instead of being frustrated that I don’t have a larger space to garden in (and don’t have a community garden plot), I figure I will tend to the plants I do have with love and enthusiasm. I figure it’s always better to appreciate what you have than being upset at the things you don’t have.


I don’t know if they’re related, but while I was busy this month I also experienced a lot of neck pain. I saw my massage therapist, physiotherapist and had muscular needling done (IMS – intermuscular stimulation). It sounds worse than it is. Similar to acupuncture, IMS relaxes muscles but I found it to be more beneficial than acupuncture.

I tried sleeping as much as possible too. Since June has the most sunshine of the year (thank you Summer Solstice!), I find that my body doesn’t need as much sleep as it does during other months. It was a bit of a struggle to sleep at times (well, any time before 11:30 p.m.), but I’ve learned to sleep with an eye mask on in central Alberta during the summer months. I am absolutely not complaining about the sunlight as I basically wait all year for it to be sunny. It is however interesting to note how people’s bodies sleep requirements change throughout the year. I love the sunlight! I love sleep too. 🙂


I felt like doing something for myself this month. My neck pain prevented me from going too hard at the gym, and I only felt like walking so much. I heard about a sound bath mid-month and immediately I signed up.

The Sound Bath was hosted by Michelle of Rhapsody Blue at Wild Horse Market Studio (presented by Mud & Lotus) in downtown Red Deer. It was exactly what I had hoped it would be. A bunch of open, creative souls met for a healing session through music. The energy in the room and the feelings that emerged from the sounds made me feel good. So, so good. The event was hosted the evening of a full moon (the strawberry moon) and my boyfriend joined me in attendance. We both felt energized and rejuvenated afterwards. It was definitely difficult to sleep that night, but I found my body and mind were too energized to lay down. I am incredibly thankful for this experience and look forward to attending more sessions in the future.

Songs on Repeat


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