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March 2019 {monthly mental health reflection}

I grew up hearing that March’s weather is always different in the beginning than it is at the month’s end. “In like a lion, out like a lamb,” they say. The beginning of March was cold and snowy. And my schedule felt just as hectic as the weather outside. I felt both focused and scattered. I worked hard and then spent my weekends relaxing. I was both the lion and the lamb all month long.

I had a couple of counselling sessions. I figured, why the heck not. I have coverage, and one of my besties is right into it and has explained the benefits to me many times. And you know what I discovered? I kinda enjoyed the experience. I had no idea the “issues” that would be brought to light, and they truly differed from what I thought and suspected them to be. Perhaps that’s the whole point of therapy. We are all so convinced of the issues, or lack of issues affecting us and only when a professional points them out do we fully recognize them.

As a result, I am now much more aware of invisible items that have, or are still affecting me. I completely recommend counselling to any and everyone. More on that in a future blog post.

For now, I’ll reflect on the best of March 2019.


Last month I discovered how having a puzzle on the go helped me relax. I found it helped my memory, stress level, and overall mood. It is actually quite relaxing!

This past month I did a 1,000 piece puzzle in one week and then began another one soon after thinking it would take the same amount of time. But I was wrong. While I was really excited to purchase it (because hey, it had sparkles!!), the patterns on it made the entire process very slow. But I kept on.

I often think of puzzles as a winter activity, you know, something you do on a cold afternoon with a cup of hot chocolate. But I actually really like doing them regardless of the weather.


Living in the Northern Hemisphere comes with its share of benefits and downfalls. But one thing I’ve discovered is how the time change affects people, myself included. I’ve grown to dread the week we “spring forward” by setting our clocks an hour ahead. I never seemed to be affected by it much in the past, but this week is hard! Losing an hour of sleep is one thing, but it’s really not just one hour because our bodies and minds take time to adapt.

I worked on sticking to a reasonable bedtime hour this month and went for a number of walks. As the weather progressively got better, I found myself outside more. Now it’s time to tell my body it’s no longer winter because it still wants to eat food and hibernate!


The Spring Equinox made me happy. Like, really happy. I enjoyed the first day of spring with a special full moon session with Michelle (@rhapsodyblue) at Wild Horse Market Studio. The evening was exactly what I needed. Being surrounded by soulful women in a beautiful space with good energy and a loving atmosphere filled my soul with joy!

I worked on filling my own cup this month. I went inward. I’ve sparked something inside me that I haven’t felt in years. And I’m excited to see what happens next.

Social Fun

I had a little fun using the poll feature the past few months. This month I polled people about, surprise surprise, food. I love food, I really truly do.

Question 1 – Poptarts vs. Toaster Strudel

The results differed on Instagram… 

Question 2 – Office beverages

Question 3 – Snacking preferences

Music on Repeat

  • I listened to this jazzy hip hop playlist pretty much every weekend throughout this month. I love music without lyrics and an uplifting vibe. See for yourself: Jazzy Coffee


Photo by Kristin Vogt from Pexels

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