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January 2019 {monthly reflection}

The start of a new year is often filled with excitement and a new-found sense of hope. Some choose to set intentions or resolutions while others deem those who do to be silly as if a new year could provoke a change of any kind. I must admit that while I like the idea of improving myself, I did not enter 2019 with any special intentions.

My first few days of the year were filled with unpacking boxes and setting up my new place. I was lucky enough to avoid moving in bad weather, although not by much. While unpacking, I was able to really see how much stuff I actually have. And each time I move, I’m amazed by the volume of items I accumulate. Like many others, I’ve recently asked myself if various items “spark joy” a la Marie Kondo. And while this method certainly can help, it also made me think I was crazy for owning so many items that spark joy. Sometimes, I suppose, it’s important to decipher which items are necessary versus those that ignite happiness. Otherwise, you’ll end up with seven spatulas and five whisks, like me.


Moving really settled my mind. It felt like, a fresh start to a new year, and new potential to declutter, and of course, decorate. My mind loves organization. So to unpack and organize everything felt less like a chore and more like fun. Sure, not everything was unpacked right away. And while that perhaps didn’t ease my mind at all times, it was worth taking it slowly to set things up right instead of junk up the place just because I can.

By the end of the month, all the necessary things were unpacked and the not-so-necessary items were packed together in the spare room for a future date when I can tend to them. Moving was a wonderful way to challenge my brain in a number of ways, and I’m truly happy to be in my new space!


My body felt like it took a hard beating this month. From developing a migraine from my bathtub being reglazed to needing acupuncture on my shoulder and neck, to having a splinter in my foot, and then re-developing a cold, believe me, my body felt pain all over.

The splinter part of the month was interesting. I had been feeling slight pain on the sole of my left foot for a number of months but thought nothing of it. I figured that something was strained from bouncing between flat shoes and high heels (although I admit to wearing fewer heels in the winter months). But I was wrong. It ended up being a small wooden sliver from the summer. This tiny, forgotten about piece of wood contributed to so much pain and agony when I walked. One Sunday I woke up and it was unbearable. I had to wait patiently for it to be plucked out, and while it was certainly painful at the time, it was totally worth going through to have my foot feel normal again. It reminded me of how we humans often try to ignore little things, but through our ignorance, they become larger items than we ever wished them to be. It’s as if I was reminded to deal with all the little items that come my way before they develop into something larger. It’s always best to deal with items as they come.


To be honest, my soul felt satisfied with moving too. I truly did not do too much this month in terms of soul-satisfying activities. Sure I sat alone in silence and honed in on my inner thoughts, dreams, and a few goals, but moving was also the biggest thing that impacted me wholeheartedly this month. Through moving I felt safe and provided for. I felt a sense of relief and satisfaction. I felt like I was home.

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  1. Glad you are settling in after your move. Enjoy your new digs and be sensitive to how your new place is influencing you. Be prepared to make whatever changes are needed until your new home is a good match for your life and how you are living now.

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