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December 2018 {monthly reflection}

December is always such a busy month. It rolls in quickly and before we know it, the anticipation of Christmas is over and we’re back to normal everyday life. Everyone seems to busy during December. People seem extra antsy and it often makes me think of how overworked everyone is. Thankfully many people receive a holiday from work of some sort this month, but the ones that don’t often seem to be exhausted as the month ends and the new year begins. I understand why many people enter January feeling tired. Or drained. (Major kudos to the people that work all throughout the holiday season!). I understand why people don’t want to improve themselves come a new year.

Throughout December, I did my absolute best to not be tired. I didn’t want to feel tired when January arrived. Having made sleep a priority in the past few months, I was aware of the level of rest my body seemed to need and was becoming accustomed to.  I did my best to stick to a 10 p.m. bedtime but also allowed myself to stay up some evenings when I felt I could handle a disruption in my routine. Overall this sleeping regime seemed to really help me get the amount of sleep my body truly seemed to need.

I have not been very social for the past few months, maybe even the past year. I felt genuinely happy to attend and see so many smiling faces at the last Social Media Breakfast Red Deer event mid-month. While it was slightly difficult to say hi to everyone I knew or recognized, I was happy to be in the room with so many like-minded individuals while listening to Dario Verrelli discuss social media and mental health. It was definitely a topic that spoke to me, and I will likely blog about issues and concepts around this in the future.

Honestly, this monthly reflection was all I could do for over half a year, and even it seemed to become a struggle some months. But as the month ends, I find myself feeling more confident in achieving my goals and getting out of my own way to do so. Until then, this month’s highlights include:


I enjoyed a lot of peace and quiet this month. I took a few baths and relished in the silence in the air and the warmth of the tub. I played Solitaire to challenge my brain. I purposely left the music off when driving. I began trying to use my memory more than putting things onto a calendar (whether electronic or by hand). I engaged in some mentally stimulating conversations and completed what felt like many tasks at work. My brain felt good in many ways over the course of this month. I even learned to make eggplant parmesan and that sincerely brings me joy because I love learning new recipes, especially ones I can make by memory.


Like many Canadians, I experienced a cold in December and it affected me for quite some time. My body felt tired, stuffy, groggy and overall achy. I kept thinking the whole time how at least it wasn’t the flu and that seemed to help me see the positive side of relentlessly blowing my nose.  I took a biweekly steam bath at Totally Refreshed Steam, Spa and Salon and that seemed to greatly help me. The warmth along with the moisture and aromatherapy cleared my lungs and helped my body relax. It was just what my tired body needed.


I let myself be excited about Christmas. It’s as simple as that. I had no high expectations and minimal finances, and perhaps it was that combination, but I felt a lot of joy around Christmas this year. It felt wonderful and it felt good. I missed my family like heck, but I felt content not doing much and yet feeling joy all at the same time. I felt light in spirit this month, and it sure felt like positive changes are on the horizon.

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