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November 2018 {monthly reflection}

November is my month of birth, so naturally, there are parts of it I love. But it’s also usually a very long, cold month, so naturally, I don’t love that part. But this month was different and I embraced all that it brought my way.

I am pleased to mention that this month’s reflection marks one year of monthly blog posts dedicated to self-reflection. Big thanks to any and everyone who has followed me along this journey. Your support and kind words mean a lot to me.

This month went by quicker than most have recently. It was all about acceptance and opening. It was a balance between taking care of myself and my responsibilities. It was a month of heart opening and mental reprogramming. I took great care of myself this month by sleeping a lot, nourishing my body, and engaged in deep, meaningful conversation. I allowed myself to feel, and what it felt was happy.


I felt a lot of mental relief this month. I felt a sense of support and freedom all wrapped up together. My mind was able to relax in a number of ways and this really allowed me to pause and go inward. Through this, my mind was able to untangle some old patterns of thought as a way of reprogramming. My mind was very satisfied this month in terms of deep thoughts and conversations. I feel I grew somehow, but I will find out how in time.


My body needed a lot of sleep and I did my best to take this need seriously. It was the morning of my birthday when I woke up to an incredible feeling I haven’t felt in quite some time. I had a deep, solid sleep, one in which I slept and actually dreamed. Better yet, I woke up to remember a dream. I smiled recalling how I was floating on a wooden raft along a waterway which felt like the one my sister’s house is on, only it wasn’t. And I was with a few people but I dove off and did the backstroke until I woke up. Swimming is relaxing for me, so this visualization brought an overall feeling of contentment. Having my body relax long enough to sleep and dream, and wake up slowly enough to recall my dreams meant a lot to me. It meant a lot to my body. It meant that I fully relaxed, and that’s exactly what my body has needed for quite some time.


I allowed myself to feel happy this month, and that was a little bit of a change for me. By getting enough sleep, by feeling cared for, it allowed me to feel nourished as a whole. I felt a sense of relief and this allowed me to grow in a way I never thought possible.

Songs on Repeat

I admit I did not have that many songs on repeat this month. I continued to listen to songs I sang along to in September and October, but I was not into exploring new music this month. Some months are just like that! However… There was one song that was on repeat and it has special significance to me. It was:

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