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Petit Vour Beauty Box Review {May 2018}

Getting a little box filled with beauty goodies each month is so much fun! The Petit Vour Beauty Box ensures all products are environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free. I really look forward to this monthly subscription box as a way to explore and try out new beauty products, some of which I’d likely never try as I have no idea where they’d be sold in Canada.

Since the box arrives at the end of the month, I tell myself to be mindful and not rush into reviewing the products until I’ve had time to use them. Here’s what I think of the May Petit Vour Beauty Box:

Cuticle Oil by Lauren B. Beauty
A lightweight blend of 12 botanical oils designed to nourish hands and nails from the inside out.

This product arrived at a great time. I had just decided to take my acrylic nails off and wondered what I should do to help them, if anything at all. I used this product on my cuticles and had my mom try it too. We noticed that the oil absorbed into her cuticles quicker than mine and suspected it was because she frequently paints her nails, thereby exposing her to more chemicals, and perhaps making her nails drier. And here we thought my nails needed more help!

This product is super easy to use and smells absolutely divine! The hardest part was sitting still for 1-2 minutes to let the oil seep in before massaging the cuticles and nails. My nails definitely feel nourished after using this cuticle oil.

Banana Colloidal Oatmeal Face Mask & Scrub by Zabana Essentials
Mild banana and oatmeal work as a powerhouse duo to hydrate, soothe and repair dry skin.
$12.50 (full-size $25)

I admit I was not an immediate fan of this product. I wasn’t sure what to expect since it’s both a face mask and a scrub. After applying the product to my wet face, I was certain the smell of banana was too much, not that it was overpowering, I just didn’t like the smell of it. However, the product grew on me as I began to exfoliate with it. I left it on my face for 10+ minutes then washed it off. My skin felt soft and smooth after using it.

The package that was sent seems to be good for 4+ applications, and it could actually be extended if it were to be used in specific areas, and not all over the face. I am now a fan of this product and really liked how soft it made my skin feel.

Sunset Oil by Eir NYC
An after-sun restorative body oil that soothes sun burns and rehydrates parched skin damaged by sun, salt, and wind.
$7 (full-size $35)

I wish I used this product the sunny day it arrived. With it being an “after-sun” product, I figured I should wait to use it after a very sunny day. But the weather was not very warm as it was in May so I kept waiting and waiting to use it. The smell of it reminds me of the Tranquility oil blend I’m used to. Such an intoxicating aroma!

The Sunset Oil absorbed nicely into my skin. While I didn’t use it after a very sunny day, I will keep trying. I just can’t comment on how well it soothes and rehydrates skin but will use it after the next sunny day. It sure felt nice going on though!

Color Theory Crème Corrector by Au Naturale Cosmetics
A colour-corecting stick that conceals skin quirks.

I was sent the peach colour and immediately wondered how it would benefit my skin since my skin is already a peachy colour. Any doubts I had went away after reading that peach helps cover dark circles/spots, so right away I thought about the darkness under my eyes. I began to use this product right away and absolutely love it! It goes on easily, mixes well into my skin, covers darkness and helps brighten my face. It has become part of my regular beauty routine and I cannot say enough good things about it!

I hope this helped you learn about a few more sustainable beauty products out there on the market. Let me know what your favourite eco-friendly, vegan beauty products are in the comments below. 🙂

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