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Petit Vour Beauty Box Review {March 2018}

I’ve been reflecting on how my beliefs and shopping habits aren’t necessarily aligned. I strive to cut down on waste, reuse what I can, and purchase items with mindfulness, meaning, I assess if I really need the item and if I feel I do, how can I minimize the impact on the earth in terms of packaging, animal welfare, packaging, and my overall carbon footprint.

A few years ago I switched from drugstore foundation to a vegan product and absolutely loved it. I told myself I would purchase more eco beauty products, but here I am, still using products that have ingredients I cannot pronounce. Not being a lover of shopping, and noticing that many vegan beauty products are a bit pricey, I wanted a solution in which I could sample products before purchasing them. And I found one.

After researching various beauty products, I stumbled upon a website called Petit Vour. This company was founded from a growing dissatisfaction of the lack of transparency in the beauty/fashion industry. It “caters to the modern, educated women with a softness for animals, nature, and life’s little luxuries.” I clicked on a link that said, “The Beauty Box” and was pleasantly surprised to discover a monthly subscription box filled with trial size beauty products (also pleased to discover they ship to Canada). With a few clicks of the keyboard, I was set to receive a variety of eco products ranging from samples to full size. The best part is that all the products are cruelty-free and non-toxic, meaning they are vegan and use natural ingredients (no chemicals and perfumes). The boxes ship worldwide with $23 to Canada, $18 to the USA, and $25 everywhere else. The beauty box ranges from products totaling $45-60. (Prices in USD)

The boxes are based on your “Beauty Profile,” in which you can select all types of preferences.

I received my first box in late March 2018 and waited to open it on the Easter weekend with my mom and brother, and we were all really excited about what was inside. The first thing I opened was…

Feed Your Ends Leave-In Conditioner by Yarok
A shine enhancer, heat protector, and detangler all-in-one. Spray on damp hair in even sections, then style as usual. 
$14 (full-size $27)

This product smells absolutely amazing! I am a huge fan of citrus, and I thought this had lemongrass in it, but it turns out the lemony-smell is from a combination of various organic oils including rosemary and may chang essential oils. SO GOOD! My hair was not wet but I applied it to my roots anyways. And so did my mom and my brother (he has lonnnng hair) and they both liked it too. I will continue to use this on damp hair and will likely purchase the full-size product because it’s that good.

Argan Oil by Kahina Giving Beauty
This ultra-nourishing, 100% organic argan oil is lightweight, absorbing easily into the skin. Add instant glow factor to your face, body, and even hair! 
$10 (full-size $82)

I am not a huge fan of putting oil on my face, but I did and found this product to be quite moisturizing. I put it on once in the morning and once again at night. I will continue to use it on my face to see if it moisturizes better than the cream I’m accustomed to.

Velvet Eyes Eyeshadow by Everyday Minerals
This velvety-soft, tan eyeshadow with pearlescent sheen is perfect for highlighting the lid, brow bone, inner corners, and even the tops of your cheekbones.

Very sheen product. I used this product lightly one day but have not used it since. I will probably use it more in the future, but at this point, I have not felt like experimenting with upping my makeup game. I’m sure I’ll be thankful to have this in my makeup kit one day…

100% Pure Konjac Angel Cloth by Konjac Sponge Co.
Made entirely from Konjac (Konnyaku) plant, this pure vegetable fibre cloth will replace your staple muslin or towel.
$16 (although the website now says it’s $19)

This was definitely the coolest product to use. It’s an experience all in itself. I opened up the package to discover what looked like a rough piece of who-knows-what, and I admit I was skeptical. I followed the instructions, and after getting the item wet, it went from hard and rough to soft and squishy. The texture of the “cloth” was unlike anything I’ve ever touched. I continued to use it and washed my face, rinsed it out as per the instructions and hung it up to dry. Hours later it went hard again and is ready to be used again.

Apparently, you can use this item for about 3 months before needing a new one. I wonder what it’ll look and feel like in a few months time and if can be composted (I could think so if it’s made of vegetable fibre). I wouldn’t want to have to keep buying these, but if it continues to work well, perhaps I will.

The only real downfall of this subscription box is the carbon footprint left from shipping all the products to Austin Texas and then shipping the monthly package up to Central Alberta, Canada. I chose this box after exploring options from other countries and continents, so Texas doesn’t seem so far away compared to other choices.

I look forward to receiving my next box later this month! I won’t wait over a week to open it like I did with this box. 🙂

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