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I will not contain my enthusiasm!


Here is where I might say, “sorry for my enthusiasm,” but today I AM NOT SORRY! It’s March 20 and it’s officially the season of Spring. The snow arrived the day after Halloween here in Central Alberta Canada, and it’s still on the ground as I type (ugh!). BUT, it’s Spring! Glorious, marvelous springtime!

The sun is setting later each day, the temperature is changing, the sun is shining more, and I could not be happier about all this. I reached out to my fellow Social Media Breakfast Red Deer committee members to see what they were most excited about for spring.

Brian Olstad of Symbra says he’s excited to tune up his family’s bikes. He can’t wait to get caught in flash floods in canyons on the bow valley, take his dog swimming. And he admits he likes the smell of the nasty mineral water in spring.

Jessica Brake cannot wait to walk through the local parks and observe the new life bud on the trees. Her inner kid loves rain boots and mud puddles, and she looks forward to sitting on a patio sipping coffee and feeling the sunshine!

Becky Murray of The Bex Factor is looking forward to puddle jumping. I bet she’ll host many Pound sessions too, so keep your eyes open for that!

Brenda Sargeant of Unlimited BS cannot wait to put away all the winter junk and start purging for her move.

As for myself, I cannot wait to get outside in the sunshine and leave my windows open. I also look forward to putting all my winter clothes away and bring out my spring/summer apparel. As the weather gets better you’ll find me watching birds on my balcony, getting my hands dirty in the soil, and driving with the windows down and the music UP!

What are you looking forward to this Spring?


Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels 


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