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February 2018 {monthly reflection}

I don’t like to admit it, but this month really took me by surprise. It feels like time completely evaporated as if tomorrow is the beginning of the month. One moment it’s January, then bam! It’s the end of February. If this busy pace of life this month has taught me anything, it’s that I need to slow down. February was about showing me why self-care is important, and it is my hope that I practice it this upcoming month. This month’s reflection isn’t one that comes easy as this wasn’t my finest month.

I’ve been trying to have more baths in the evening before bed. Sure baths benefit the body but I found having a bath to benefit my brain more than anything. Baths are a way to escape real life. Baths lead you away from the TV, from your phone, from other people, and they provide you an opportunity for meditation and reflection. Baths are becoming part of my new bedtime routine as I try my best to get more sleep and feel better rested overall.

I was lucky to visit both the Pacific ocean and the rocky mountains this month which made my heart quite happy! Both were quick trips to see family and both times I felt a deep peace. As a lover of water, visiting the ocean was so calming and satisfying, and as an outdoor lover, the mountains provided me with beauty and a new perspective on my life. Both trips were a welcome break and being with family was pretty great. It was needed.

This month was not the best for my body. I continued to eat less than ideal food somewhat regularly, and I went for less than a handful of walks/jogs. But when I had the opportunity to get into a pool, I took it. Swimming has always been a favourite activity of mine, and simply being immersed in water has a calming effect on me. When it’s the dead of winter and so cold outside, any opportunity to swim is certainly welcome. Now that there’s no pool in sight, I am even more happy to know I took advantage of the water when I had it.

Here’s to a better month of March!

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