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Reflecting on the Best of 2017

I admit that I was not too eager to welcome 2017. The fall of 2016 left me with a number of health issues that continued into the spring of 2017, and I was not happy about it. While I looked somewhat normal to the average person, I really struggled inside, especially when it came to maintaining a positive mindset. I wasn’t supposed to work out and was told to strengthen my wrists and lower back so I began to see a physiotherapist to help correct some old injuries. I did my best to work on my posture and to eat healthy as ways to control whatever I could. By the summer, I was feeling much better.



  • Asked to be a guest speaker at Red Deer College (in the Online Communications and Social Media course)


  • Attended the iMedia Conference in Edmonton (it was my second year going, and it’s always such a fun and informative conference featuring digital marketers, social media experts, etc.)
  • Spoke about my career at Red Deer College’s Student for a Day session for the Media Studies and Professional Communications program


  • Flew to Oregon with my boyfriend to see his hometown and visit family



  • Revealed my Social Nutmeg logo (even though it was completed in May)
  • Finished my first ever sprint triathlon (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run)


  • Hiked multiple mountains in Waterton Lakes National Park
  • Stayed in a tiny home while visiting a friend in Manitoba


  • 30-day candida elimination diet (to reset my gut flora and take control of many food sensitivities)


  • Biked the Legacy Trail between Canmore and Banff
  • Went to my first ever Coldplay concert (been a fan of theirs since 1999! I remember recording their Yellow music video onto VHS! haha!)


  • Won a national award through the Canadian Association of Communicators in Education (CACE) at the annual conference
  • Became the Secretary of CACE
  • Spent time with my brother for his 30th birthday


  • Turned 32


  • Secured a teaching position at Red Deer College
  • Brought my boyfriend to Ontario to meet my Dad and many other family members and friends

Shoutout to:

I would like to thank a stranger for the act of kindness she bestowed upon me in July. Not many people know this, but over halfway along the Alderson Carthew hike in Waterton Lakes National Park, I realized I left my keys in my friend’s car. This was a problem because she parked at the starting point of the hike, and my vehicle was at the end. I realized we would be tired at the end of the hike and want to get to our campsite, but the keys were a half hour drive across the park (or, a 20km hike). My friend, sister and I continued the hike and I prayed like heck for an angel to help us at the end. Sure enough, the sun had gone down when we got off the trail, and the park was fairly dark and quiet. Due to its location, there was no one I could call for help (except maybe CAA, who would have to travel at least 45 minutes to get to me). That’s when I met Shelby. She and her friend were hanging out in the park and offered a ride to us when I explained that we had no way of getting the keys. I was beyond grateful that she took the time to drive us back to the starting point of the hike and absolutely refused compensation of any kind. Shelby from Cardston, Alberta, I will never forget you!


Reflecting on the past year has made me both hopeful and determined to make 2018 an incredible year. While I welcome the new year with open arms, I will not forget the many hardships and accomplishments that 2017 brought my way. Thank you to my incredible friends and family for their endless love and support. And thank YOU for reading this. Your support means a lot to me and I aim to produce some awesome blogs posts in 2018. Stay tuned! ALL THE BEST TO YOU FOR AN INCREDIBLE YEAR AHEAD!!!!!

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