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November 2017 {monthly reflection}

In an effort to make myself accountable and dedicate time towards my favourite hobbies each month, I have decided to start a blog using what inspired my body, mind and soul over the course of the month that’s just passed.  The goal of this is to a) write and publish something each month b) share life updates with all my friends and family c) help me reflect on what is so awesome in my life. Because to me, gratefulness is everything!

So, here is a little rundown of my November 2017:

BODY – Listened to my body
I booked a biofeedback appointment just for fun. Like many people, I have some issues with my body that I would like fixed. However, unlike many people, not all my symptoms can’t be seen. This is what makes biofeedback so interesting. Biofeedback is the study of listening to (maybe even feeling) the frequency of a person’s body. In this appointment, you are connected to electrical sensors which help receive information (feedback) about your body (bio). The information is collected in a little machine, and a computer program of some type is able to make sense of the information.

My results were so cool and fairly accurate from what I know to be true based on the symptoms I’ve experienced. The machine was also able to tell me which emotions I was largely experiencing in my life overall. Again, quite accurate.

Of this information I will share with you:

  • My adrenals are operating at 47% (which could explain why I’m so tired and my weakened immune system)
  • I am frequently experiencing a lack of oxygen
  • I should decrease my coffee intake as my heart really dislikes it
  • My cells are healthy at 9/10 (compared to a national average of 6/10). The biofeedback operator said this meant she knew I wasn’t lying about eating well!

The person operating the machine was able to provide me with suggestions on how to counteract some of my symptoms. I’m not sure who usually performs this kind of tests as saw a person who is training. So while I took her advice lightly, it made a lot of sense and I thought it was worthwhile overall. Oh! And did you know that you can have certain things programmed with the help of biofeedback? For instance, it can help people to quit smoking cigarettes, or learn to like certain vitamins/minerals. It can even tell you how your body will respond to certain things, like medicine.

MIND – Bring your own cup
I was still a little sick with a cold when I joined the Social Media Breakfast Red Deer crew for a team lunch meeting. We were discussing ideas for events in 2018. Everyone had such great ideas and seemed really creative. I decided to bring up a thought I’ve been thinking for a while, and that is, let’s ditch the disposable paper cups and tell event attendees to bring their own reusable ones. I was a little foggy brained, but everyone seemed to like the idea and then we discussed getting rid of the pre-printed nametags. I was so happy!

Bringing this kind of mindfulness to the materials and resources even little events generate is a good reminder of the things we consume daily and take for granted. North America runs on convenience, and in doing so, we as a society have become reliant on others for our own needs instead of relying on ourselves. Didn’t bring a coffee mug? Can’t have coffee. Didn’t pack a lunch? Can’t run out to buy one. Convenience takes away our urge to plan ahead. But I will save my deep thoughts and rants on consumption/convenience for another day. Moving along…

I am very pleased with the event committee’s response and willingness to implement small changes. We polled the attendees and they are in agreement as well. Simply put, this is awesome, and I cannot wait to see what our future events look like without all the waste!

SOUL – Stepping into the teacher role
I felt honoured to have Red Deer College reach out to let me know about an opportunity to teach one of their first-year classes in the new Media Studies and Professional Communication program. I was thrilled to have the Associate Dean tell me my personality is infectious and said I would be a good fit for the teaching role. Before I accepted the position I ensured my current employer was okay with it, and with their blessing, I am happy to say that my first day of teaching class is on January 4, 2018!

I love sharing knowledge with others, and I love assisting others. I have been told I would make a good teacher for the last decade or so, and I never took anyone’s remarks of this to heart. Over time I have come to realize that I would love to teach, so here I am, about to teach. And my soul couldn’t be happier!

BONUS – Blonde for my birthday
A few days after Halloween snow fell and stayed on the ground. My birthday was cold, white, and unlike the birthday-days I am accustomed to prior to moving to Alberta. My boyfriend and friends kept asking me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I kept responding. “I don’t know.” I was already treated to an early birthday gift from a dear friend (Coldplay concert tickets in September!!!!!) and didn’t “care” to celebrate my birthday much. That being said, I had a lovely relaxing day, had a steam bath, was surprised with flowers from a friend provinces away, and was treated to a nice meal.

The day before, I had a hair appointment. I was so excited to get the colour fixed and while I wasn’t anticipating such a big change, I went some form of blonde. Of any blonde that’s been put into my hair, this is my all-time favourite. Thirty-two is going to be a great year!

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  1. I love this post! Congratulations on your teaching gig. I actually want to take that course!

    I’m so happy that you mentioned the changes for SMBRD. I think it’s a great change.

    Keep being the beautiful, bubbly, inspiring soul that you are <3

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