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A Recap of iMEDIA Social Media Conference 2017

Last year my colleague and I attended the iMEDIA Social Media Conference in Edmonton. We found it to be highly beneficial having learned from young industry professionals in the media, social media, marketing, and branding industries. So, we decided to attend this year’s conference. Unfortunately, my colleague was sick this year and had to miss it, but I still attended from March 10-11.

The lovely Linda Hoang (@lindork) welcomed the crowd and set the tone for an awesome two-day event. Her energy and enthusiasm were infectious. Friday’s keynote speaker was Adam Rozenhart (@bingofuel) from DDB Canada. Adam took us through a presentation on what not to do on social media channels. His humour and selection of content had the audience fully engaged, and his knowledge and experience provided the crowd with practical advice.

Next up was a networking event complete with food and drinks. I spent most of my time connecting with people I met last year while meeting a few new people too. It was a really enjoyable and fun atmosphere. It’s always nice to be around so many like-minded individuals. This is the kind of event where I feel totally comfortable talking to any stranger in the room. I just love the people that attend this event!


My hotel experience was not that great. But you likely don’t want to hear about that. I woke up early in anticipation of a full and fun day. I was especially excited to hear from Saturday’s keynote speaker, Jennifer Hollett (@jenniferhollett) from Twitter Canada.


Jennifer’s presentation was highly informative and interesting. She spoke about a wide range of topics related to Twitter. Jennifer emphasized that hashtags can be a movement, and I found it noteworthy to see that of the top 10 hashtags in Canada in 2016, two pertained to mental health awareness:

    • 10) #OurMovement 
    • 9) #WeTheNorth
    • 8) #ElectionNight 
    • 7) #MentalHealth 
    • 6) #PokemonGO
    • 5) #Rio2016
    • 4) #tbt 
    • 3) #Canada 
    • 2) #Toronto
    • 1) #BellLetsTalk

I loved Jennifer’s session and it reinforced my love for Twitter.

Next up were breakout sessions. All attendees had been given the choice of which sessions they wanted to attend, that way, their experience was catered to individual needs.

Session #1 -Blogging with Bridget Casey, President and CEO of Money After Graduation

Bridget knew her stuff! I was really looking forward to her session and really glad to have taken it. I was highly engaged in her presentation and can’t wait to implement many of her tips.

Session #2 – Live Video with Dario Hudon-Verrelli, Director of Marketing at Octopus & Son Inc. 

Dario’s energy was amazing! What a funny presenter. I enjoyed that he used the odd “accent” of which my favourite sounded like an old-school cigar-smoking businessman. He was entertaining and practical at the same time.

We had a delicious lunch of tacos (chicken, beef or tofu), complete with avocado mayo and hot sauce. Yum! There were cake pops for dessert too.

My afternoon continued with two sessions, the second of which was two hours long, so while many people had three sessions in the afternoon, I had two:

Session #3 – Influencer Marketing Campaigns with Linda Hoang, Digital Strategist at Calder Bateman

When Linda talks, you listen. She has a way of commanding attention in a really fun and engaging way. Plus she is very smart. This was an awesome session!

Session #4 – Advanced Facebook Advertising with Chris Mikulin, Digital Marketing Manager, Box Clever

Chris’ presentation included many tips and tricks for Facebook Advertising. He is highly knowledgeable in this area, and I look forward to implementing some of his advice at my workplace.

Overall it was an amazing event filled with friendly faces, industry experts, and great conversations. I was thrilled to have spent time with so many wonderful people and come home with lots of notes/tips to apply to my job. Thank you to all the event organizers and volunteers for putting on an excellent event! I am already looking forward to next year’s conference.


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