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Always be improving.

“Maybe every once in a while we can take a break from doing everything faster and quicker to reflect on who we are and where we are going.” ~ Joe Plumeri

Around the time of my last birthday, roughly three months ago, I envisioned what kind of life I wanted to be living by my next birthday. While living on a beach would be ideal, I came to think about some of my habits and what to do about them. I put together two main goals and wish to share them with you now. I find that it helps to let others in on your goals so that they can be supportive, and perhaps even inspired.

1. Fitness.

Many of us have gotten to the point where we still look decent, but know we could look a heck of a lot better. That’s the state I am presently in. I want to look and feel great by the time my next birthday rolls around. This includes ensuring that I eat well and exercise regularly. Working out, lifting weights, jogging, walking, etc is also good for our overall mental health, so why wouldn’t I aim to be more fit?

2. Use as many natural products as possible.

I care deeply for our planet. But when analyzing my behaviour, I noticed many changes I could make to help ensure that I eat well and use eco-friendly objects. I took note of some habits I used to be committed to but no longer do.  I’ll be writing more about this in the future and provide feedback on some products I’ve been using. Some of the items I’ve been thinking about are:

  • Plastic bags
  • Dish soap
  • Saran wrap
  • Beauty products
  • Compost
  • Paper towel usage
  • Chemical sprays

I will explore these items in future posts. Thanks for your continued support of my blog, an of my goals and inner thoughts.


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