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Vibe Tribe

It’s January of a new year. If your social media news feeds are anything like mine, the last of December and the first of January were filled with deep reflections, mild cursing of the last year, fitness resolutions, and overall anticipation of a wonderful year ahead. As many of us set New Years Resolutions, I got thinking about the success rate of said resolutions. While the actual statistics of may be difficult to gather, I pondered if people had a better rate of success if they surrounded themselves with like-minded and/or supportive people.

Surely we have all heard the adage, “your vibe attracts your tribe.” While it may be true that the energy we put out can be felt and experienced by others, and thus attract or repel people from us, could it also be true that our vibes have learned to keep people in our lives simply out of habit? If our friendship with another was built on a certain foundation, how can we expect ourselves to grow if it means we no longer support the foundation that existed? How can we expect others to support us if they have only seen us in a certain light?

But, how can we grow and evolve if we are not supported by the people in our lives?

We must surround ourselves with people who fill our cups both metaphorically and figuratively, people that give us confidence and words of encouragement,  people that lend a helping hand, people that encourage us to keep going, people that want us to succeed the same as, if not more than we do ourselves.

We must surround ourselves with people who believe that it’s okay to grow; people that understand we aren’t the exact same person we were a year ago. We need parents that encourage us to learn from their mistakes but do not pressure or force us to be a certain way. We need friends that support and love unconditionally. We need to chat with coworkers who provide us with opportunities to share stories from the heart and encourage our hopes and dreams. We need to be around people that never stop giving a damn. We need to be around people that allow us to make our own mistakes, because this is how we grow in life.

When we feel fully supported, we learn what we are capable of, how resilient we are, how confident we can be, and how scared we let ourselves become. When we are fully supported, we provide ourselves the capability to fully support others.

We need more encouraging people. We need more people that don’t care deeply about celebrities, electronics, toys, gadgets, fashion, etc. because while these things can be fun, they are truly not any where close to being what matters in life.

And what is that you may ask? Human connection.

We all strive for it, need it, crave it.

That is why the tribe that we attract is essential to our lives and personal development.

Our openness towards other people, new thoughts, the feeling of acceptance, and the idea to support others etc. becomes our vibe. And that, is what attracts our tribe.


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