That calling we all feel.

Well, it’s been three months since I have written anything. Since September, my workload has increased and ultimately, a lot of my free time has gone into other activities. Oftentimes when I come home from work, I like to avoid the computer and social media, having been on one for the majority of my day. It’s like how a chef doesn’t want to come home and feel like they have to cook a gourmet meal. Same principle.

But, I must admit, I found myself spewing off articles in my head while trying to fall asleep the other night. About five topics and ideas popped out, and I suddenly felt the urge, and the need to write something. Anything. So I opened up my cell phone and typed a very short list of the ideas in my head. And with a groggy mind, I knew it was important and simply had to be done, otherwise I would likely lose the ideas by the morning.

And I was right. At first glance the next day, I couldn’t fully understand my sleepy point form notes. But then I remembered each idea, and promised myself to explore each point in the near future. In that early morning moment before work, I promised myself I would dedicate time to tell my stories.

Sometimes, we must do what we feel we are called to do, even when we don’t understand the full meaning of it yet. We must trust. And persevere. This is how we learn what we deem to be truly important, and that which are habits or obligations. So many of us talk about how busy we are, and while that may be true, “busy” doesn’t mean we can’t follow our passions. “Busy” doesn’t mean we can’t set aside a few hours each week to do something that sets our soul on fire! “Busy” doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen to that internal calling we all have inside us. Because if so, are we too busy to be our true selves?

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