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The importance of pushing yourself.

Tomorrow marks my third week anniversary of being an apprentice for elephant journal. I enrolled in this 14 week course as a way to improve my writing, editing, and social media skills. As a Communications Coordinator for a school board, I do my fair share of writing and editing, but it has been a desire of mine to write articles from my heart for a number of years now. My intention in taking this course is to help push myself to the next level of writing and become inspired and more consistent with blogging.

In order to pass, we must write a blog post that gets 5,000+ views. This terrifies and excites me all at the same time.

The program is set up in small groups (5-8 people) that “meet” online weekly and another meeting for all participants (roughly 75 people). The small group meetings have been essential to my confidence and development over the past three weeks.

During our first meeting, our team leader asked us if we wanted the easy or “deep” writing prompt. We all asked for the deep one and then had ten minutes to write about the topic. It was “where are your soul and you ego in conflict?” At first I was scared to type anything, but knowing that others in my group were experiencing the same thing, I began to type and let my brain tell my fingers which keys to press. And before I knew it, the ten minutes were up and we all submitted our work. Following this, my group provided each other with constructive criticism.  I was surprised at how open and honest we all were with each other, never having met face to face. I was pleased with the feedback I received and left the meeting knowing that I had enrolled in the right course.

At last week’s meeting, we were encouraged to write an article to submit for publication. Today I had two people review it and am almost ready to send it in for consideration. Pushing myself is how I will get better. I know this.

Often times we push ourselves to do things that we truly don’t want to do. I am guilty of doing this, I mean, who hasn’t done this!? I think we do it every day to an extent. But I’ve learned that pushing yourself to do something you truly desire to do has such a positive impact. I’ve also learned that when I feel inspired, many people around me feel inspired as well. It’s almost as if it’s contagious. In this case, pushing myself to become an elephant journal apprentice is just what I needed to do in order to feel content, confident and filled with possibilities. So if you’re reading this and have spent many days or even years not doing what you want to do, I recommend taking steps to do what it is you really desire to do. We all know that “life is too short,” but really, life is better enhanced when we focus on our own wishes.

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  1. You are such an inspiration. Your genuine love of life is infectious, and inspires me daily to never take this life for granted. Your beauty radiates from within, doesn’t hurt it shows on the outside either! I can’t wait to follow you on this journey! As I always say: “shine on my beautiful friend, shine on!” The world needs you!!

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