Grow through goals.

Standing near the kitchen window, I feel the heat of the morning sun on my face. The smell and sound of fresh coffee brewing both excites and relaxes my soul knowing I will take time to sip on it and be with my own thoughts. Sunday mornings are a time to reflect on the previous week and prepare for the upcoming week. They are a time of inner peace.

My heart yearns for quiet alone time and a chance to refine goals. I have spent the last fifteen months in a foreign city, in a foreign province with the absence of family and friends in an effort to develop my career. While I am thrilled and blessed to have a career that I love, I must not lose sight of my other goals. Watching my brother go to India to train for yoga, and seeing my sister evolve her yoga practice to become a certified instructor as well, I have started to ask myself what else I could be doing to further my own goals.

After receiving news that I have been accepted into Elephant Journal‘s Training Academy, I realized that some of my goals need to be re-examined. Having the opportunity to learn, train and grow my writing and editing skills through this 15-week program, I am aware that the time commitment will mean I need to give up or balance out other areas of my life.

I find it important to define and re-define goals throughout life. Sometimes it’s important to focus purely on long or short term goals while other time it’s good to have a balance of both. In accepting a position on the training team, I am comforted in knowing that I am pursuing a path that I have longed to walk on. And I am taking time to do something for me. Something to help me grow and evolve. And that certainly can’t be a bad thing.


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