Early January Goal-setting. {with free printables}

I bet many people are sick of hearing about “New Years Resolutions” by now, but come on! It’s only January third, 2015; Only three days into the new year! The kind of people who get sick of hearing about resolutions and goals, are likely the same people who likely can’t stick to a goal. It’s true that goal setting can be overwhelming, but it really shouldn’t be looked at that way because it takes approximately 21 days to make or break a habit. That’s three full weeks.

One must have both focus and determination to achieve a goal. And while I enjoy reflecting on my life and goals to achieve more years than others, I do believe it’s a nice sentiment this time of the year to do such an activity. I think it’s good to reflect on yourself and on your life and recognize things you want to change. But we must remember that goals take time. And baby steps are okay! So whether you want to eat better, save money, get fit or think more positively, I encourage everyone to work towards their goals. It’s only January 3rd! We have the vast majority of a whole brand spankin’ new year upon us! We can achieve that which we set out to achieve. Just set your mind (and pen) to it!

And so, if you are thinking about setting some goals for 2015, I have some free printables to share with you. I’ve scoured the internet and have personally found these to be the best. Why? They are all low in colour but nice in design, making them printer-friendly too! Enjoy!


Best Free 2015 Goal Planning Worksheets:

2015 goal setting: by Thirty Handmade Days
I like it because it’s: clean design, and it asks mindful goal setting questions

I like them because they’re: both designed simply, and easy to use
S.M.A.R.T. Goals Planner: by Black and White Obsession
I like it because it’s: nicely and simply designed with a splash of colour, and it asks goals that are Specific , Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely



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