New Years – Make the best of what you have.

As the new year approaches, we tend to reflect on lives and what we wish to change. We start to think about a better version of ourselves and make resolutions to do in the new year that will support our goals. The sad truth is that many people do not keep their resolutions.  But the saddest part is that many don’t make a New Years Resolution simply because they don’t want to reflect on themselves. Many people don’t like change, and yet many people do well with change, they just don’t like the initial idea of it. Many people are unaware of how powerful they are.

We all have the power to change aspects of our lives. We all have the power to commit to change. And change need not be scary, overwhelming or unattainable. Change can be small and begin with simple baby steps. The important thing is that we allow ourselves the chance to begin again – to reprogram our brains – and make the best of what we already have but are not committing to or utilizing fully.

So, this new year… think about what you have. Think about the things that are going well in your life. Think about how you can incorporate baby steps of progress to make the best of what you have and improve your life. Continue to do what is already working well in your life and simply enhance it!

Here is my very own “New Years habits to keep and improve on” list:

  • Fitness
    • Continue being active (every even numbered day)
    • Incorporate more weights and strength training into my fitness
    • Incorporate yoga into my weekly routine
  • Healthy Living
    • Continue to decrease the amount of processed foods I consume
    • Continue to use honey in my coffee vs. sugar (honey boosts your immune system!)
    • Increase the number of green products I use
    • Remember to bring reusable bags into stores with me
  • Mental Health
    • Think of three positive things when I want to complain
    • Continue to think positively

Happy 2015!!!
Peace, love and joy,

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